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Why Post-Hospital Care is Essential for Seniors

Post-hospital care is highly recommended for seniors who are recovering at home after a hospital stay and need to be monitored.
Post-Hospital Care: Hunters Point NY
Post-Hospital Care: Hunters Point NY

When seniors are injured in a fall or have a major medical event like a heart attack or a stroke they may be in the hospital for awhile. However, when they are released, they still need some extra care at home until they are fully recovered.

Post-hospital care is strongly recommended for seniors as they recover at home. In some ways, post-hospital care is similar to traditional home care. A care provider will keep up the house, make meals, and provide company for seniors. It also includes things that seniors need specifically after a hospital stay.

Medication Management

After your senior parent comes home from the hospital they will likely have more medications than they were taking before. They will need some help managing all of their medications, making sure that refills are called in, and making sure that the right medications are taken at the right times. Post-hospital care includes medication management so that your senior parent won’t have to worry about making sure they are getting eh medications they need when they need them.

Help Getting around The House

After coming home your senior parent may need help getting into and out of bed, getting to the bathroom, and just getting up to walk around the house.. If your senior loved one has to use a cane or walker they may need help getting used to using those devices. But it’s important for seniors to get up and get out of bed and move regularly.

Your senior parent’s doctor will probably tell them to get up and walk around at least once an hour to keep their circulation going and keep the oxygen rich blood flowing to all of the parts of their body. A care provider can help your senior loved one get around the house and walk safely.

Around The Clock Monitoring

After seniors leave the hospital, there is an increased risk that they could have another medical event or another fall. Seniors who have had strokes have a very high risk of having another one in the weeks after the initial stroke. Often family members worry about leaving their senior parent alone at home in the aftermath of a medical event in case something else happens.

With post-hospital care, someone can be with your senior parent around the clock to make sure they are ok and to call for emergency services if something does happen.

Errands And Shopping

It could be weeks or even months before your senior parent is up to running errands, shopping, picking up medication, and getting other necessary tasks done. With post-hospital care, seniors won’t have to worry about any of those day to day things that have to get done. A care provider can run errands for your senior parent, pick up their favorite meals, medications, and groceries so that your senior loved one will have everything they need.

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