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Guide to Home Care with Home Health Aides in Manhattan

Family Guide to Home Care and Home Health Aides in Manhattan. What do caregivers do? What are they not able to do? Learn home Perfect Choice Senior Care can help.
Home Care and Home Health Aides in Manhattan
Home Care and Home Health Aides in Manhattan

What Do Home Health Aides Actually Do in the Home? 

HHAs, also known as home care assistants and home care aides, assist in the care of people who are physically or mentally ill, injured, or disabled. HHAs also care for seniors who need long-term care and who are confined to their homes or live in residential care facilities, as well as those with disabilities who work outside the home. These home care aides are supervised by a nurse and collaborate closely with family members to provide care. 

The elderly prefer to age in places they are familiar with and enjoy. This is made possible by the assistance of a home health aide. As the number of seniors who prefer to live at home grows, home health aides can help them maintain some level of independence and live on their own terms. 

Are You in the Considering a Home Health Aide for A Senior in Manhattan?

Perfect Choice Senior Care is a non-medical home care agency servicing Queens, Belle Harbor, Hunters Point, Brooklyn, Prospect Heights, Park Slope, Manhattan, Upper West Side, West Village, Upper East Side, and Lower Manhattan. Our trained care professionals offer you and your family good quality home care services.

Don’t be surprised if your family member is hesitant to welcome a home health aide at first. They may refuse assistance or believe they are capable of taking care of themselves. Each case is unique, as are the needs of each individual. It is best to have an open conversation with the person who will be receiving the care to determine their level of comfort and the best path to take when tailoring home care for them.

You may have noticed a few things about your loved ones’ ability to care for themselves. When your parents or spouse reach retirement age, you may need to look into home care. If your family member is unable to care for themselves or your current caregiver’s ability to assist has been exhausted, hiring a paid caregiver will most likely be your next step. Here are some warning signs to look for in your loved one: 

  1. Forgetfulness- leaving the stove on, forgetting to take medications.
  2. Poor nutrition, irregular eating habits, and inability to prepare simple meals
  3. Poor hygiene and a lack of regular bathing
  4. Falling and difficulty walking without help
  5. Dangerous driving

What are the Duties of a New York Home Health Aide?

A home care assistant can live with the care recipient or work regular shifts. HHAs are care professionals who have completed state-approved training in vital signs, primary care, infection control, and emergency procedures. This education and certification distinguish a home health aide from a caregiver. HHAs provide routine services that the care recipient is no longer capable of performing, but they also act as companions and provide time off for overburdened family caregivers.   They are trained to assist with: 

  • Dressing, eating, grooming, bathing, and using the restroom are examples of daily living activities.

  • Light Laundry, dishes, and changing bed linens are all examples of housekeeping.

  • Purchasing groceries and toiletries

  • Getting to and from doctor’s appointments

  • Check your vital signs such as blood pressure, respiration, and pulse.

  • Monitoring physical and mental health by controlling exercise, nutrition, and bathroom visits

  • Accidents, heart attacks, strokes, and other emergencies

What to Look for in a NY Home Health Aide

Finding a home care agency is one of the first things you should do when looking for a professional caregiver. It will take some effort and research, but it will be worthwhile in the end. Because your loved one’s condition is unique, you want to make sure that the caregiver you choose is appropriate for their needs and situation. A good home care company should be able to help you with this decision.

After you’ve decided on a home care agency like Perfect Choice Senior Care, expect agency staff to meet with you and your loved one to conduct an in-home assessment. The home care agency should allow you and your family to interview prospective caregivers after the initial meeting and evaluation. Here are a few characteristics to consider when making your decision:

Agency and Caregiver Experience

The in-home care industry provides a wide range of services, from companionship to certified nursing care. HHAs and caregivers have cared for a wide range of patients. You should concentrate on the skills and experience they have that are relevant to your loved one. Ask specific questions about their previous caregiving experiences during the interview process. Do they, for example, have prior experience caring for someone with diabetes, or can they accommodate dietary restrictions in meal preparation?

Home Care Agency Expertise

A reputable home care company will hire employees that meet federal and state guidelines but don’t solely rely on them for this assurance.  It is wise to familiarize yourself with the regulations in your state and on the federal level.  You want to choose a home health aide with the proper training or certification regarding your loved one’s needs.  When an agency requires its employees to receive continued education and training in addition to state regulations, it is a good sign of the quality of work they provide.  

Perfect Choice Senior Care is available 24/7 to answer your questions and concerns about our services, training, and certification requirements.  You want to make sure the chosen caregiver is a good match for your family member and their unique condition.

Caregiver and Family Communication

You want a professional home health aide with excellent verbal communication skills. During your meeting with them, you will get a firsthand look at their communication style. Inquire about their problem-solving skills and techniques, as well as their experience and methods for keeping clients calm. You want to know how they will handle specific situations that may arise with your family member. A professional HHA must be able to communicate clearly and openly with you and your loved one. There should be an ongoing open dialogue about your loved one’s care plan and any changes that are required along the way.

Compassionate Care

When looking for an HHA, you should look for someone who not only has the necessary certifications and licenses, but also someone who can act as a companion. Because this person will be spending a lot of time with your family member, they must be compassionate. The ability to empathize and be attentive are excellent qualities in a caregiver, and they contribute to the development of a trusting relationship between the HHA and the patient. There are methods for learning more about a potential caregiver’s personality. Inquire about their interests and personal lives. This knowledge will aid in matching your family member with the best HHA.

Patience with Clients

If you’re looking for home health care services to relieve a family caregiver who has burned out, you already know that patience is a virtue in this line of work. The elderly can suffer from health conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, which require a great deal of patience and compassion to manage. Inquire about their experience dealing with difficult clients and how they handled it.

Home Health Aides Can’t Do Everything….

The HHA’s dos and don’ts are determined by whether the client’s home care needs necessitate the presence of a licensed caregiver. Each state has its own certification and license requirements. On the home care company’s end, guidelines must be established with their employee and communicated to you and your family.

If your loved one’s condition does not necessitate the use of a licensed home care worker, there are a few things to keep in mind when asking them to perform specific tasks. Unlicensed caregivers are not permitted to administer medication, mix medications, fill medication reminder boxes, provide medical advice, perform medical assessments, or provide medical care.

Speak with your chosen home care agency if you believe the patient will require this type of assistance or if their condition changes over time to ensure you receive the best care for your family member. Perfect Choice Senior Care ensures that your family member is matched with a suitable home health aide and that any changes to their care plan are accommodated.

If you are considering home care in Manhattan for yourself or for an aging loved one, contact the caring staff at Perfect Choice Senior Care. We provide exceptional senior care services in Queens, Belle Harbor, Hunters Point, Brooklyn, Prospect Heights, Park Slope, Manhattan, Upper West Side, West Village, Upper East Side, Lower Manhattan, and surrounding areas. Call today (917) 920-6803


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