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Five Ways to Help Your Senior to Prevent Illness After a Hospital Visit

After your senior returns home from the hospital, she can be at a greater risk of developing an illness. Post-hospital care is just one of the ways you can prevent that for her.
Post Hospital Care Queens, NY: Prevent Illness After a Hospital Visit
Post Hospital Care Queens, NY: Prevent Illness After a Hospital Visit

Your aging family member is susceptible to illnesses after she returns home from the hospital, especially if she was really sick when she was hospitalized. It’s important to have a plan for when she comes home, including solutions like post-hospital care and other types of assistance.

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Post Hospital Care Queens, NY: Prevent Illness After a Hospital Visit
Post Hospital Care Queens, NY: Prevent Illness After a Hospital Visit

Post-hospital care is a specific type of home health care that ensures your elderly family member has the help that she needs when she returns home from the hospital. Post-hospital care providers help your elderly family member to stick with her care plan and are able to watch for signs that she might be having difficulty with her recovery. Ensuring that she has the assistance that she needs can reduce your senior’s risk of going back to the hospital.

Keep Visitors to a Minimum for a Little While

Lots of people might want to stop by and see your aging family member now that she’s home from the hospital. But that might not be the best idea for her, especially if she’s still feeling a little bit under the weather. Spread out those visits and wait for the first visit for at least a few days after she has come home. This lets her get settled and helps her to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Video calls can work well until in-person visits are a good idea.

Work on Re-establishing Daily Routines

Getting back into her regular daily routines can be really helpful for your elderly family member. That means getting up and going to bed around the same times every day, sticking to consistent mealtimes, and engaging in other activities when she usually does. Post-hospital care professionals can also help your senior to integrate new routines, like new medications, into her existing routines so that her immune system builds up strength.

Keep up with Follow-up Visits

Follow-up visits with your senior’s medical providers aren’t something that she wants to skip at all. Some of these visits might be able to be done virtually via telehealth. Others might have to be in-person visits, however, so it’s important to make sure that your senior has any transportation assistance that she needs or other accommodations that help her to get where she needs to be.

Make it Easy for Your Senior to Access Additional Therapies

There may be other therapies that your elderly family member needs now that she’s home. Physical therapy can help her to grow stronger and reduce her fall risk. Occupational therapy makes it easier for your elderly family member to learn new ways to accommodate her needs. It can be overwhelming coordinating these visits and working out how to ensure that your senior isn’t missing anything that she needs. Home health care can make that task so much easier.

Coming home from the hospital can be just as scary as it was to be in the hospital, especially if your elderly family member was there for a while. Having the right help once she is home can make all the difference in keeping her healthy.

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